Monday, May 7, 2012

The Results Are In . . .

A little over 24 days ago (April 5 to be exact) I started my 24 Day Challenge.  If you were are my  friend on Facebook, you might have grown a little weary of hearing about this 24 Day Challenge or a  company called AdvoCare.   I had never heard of AdvoCare until this past summer; actually it wasn't AdvoCare I heard about, it was one of their products - Spark!   Well, I have come to know Spark up close and personal in the last 24+ days and it is now my friend.  Spark is an "energy drink" of sorts, but without all the bad, chemically stuff that is in some of those other canned and bottled drinks.  It is actually a vitamin and amino acid supplement and it enhances mental energy and focus, provides long-lasting energy, helps fight occasional drowsiness, has 45 calories in an 8 oz. serving, along with 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  I normally just have one Spark per day and can honestly say I have not experienced that afternoon slump that I did before April 5.  I work on the computer for a good part of each day and I used to catch myself dozing off as I was typing (!!!), or at least yawning quite frequently.  Those days are gone.  I also used to have at least one glass of SWEET tea (I live in the South, y'all) a day.  No sweet tea since April 5 . . . and I'm still alive.  This is BIG!   Okay, so enough about Spark.

There were also other new aquaintances I made during the Challenge.  A box of Citrus Herbal Cleanse, a bottle of OmegaPlex (AMAZING & Important Omega 3 Fatty Acids that we all need), CHOCOLATE Meal Replacement Shakes (nothing at all like those canned "shakes" that you can buy), and a box of MNS Max 3 (Metabolic Nutrition System. . . helps with appetite control, energy and wellness and provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants and other nutrients for comprehensive health & wellness).  All of these are part of the 24 day Challenge, and combined with exercise (not a whole lot - that's my next goal), and clean eating, I lost 9.5 pounds and a total of 11" inches in 24 days.  I honestly and truly feel so much better and am fitting back in  clothes that were packed away or pushed to the back of my closet.  It's a great feeling!

BEFORE .....                                                                               

AFTER . . . .

Another result I got from the Challenge is that now my awesome husband is starting his own 24 Day Challenge (but I'm not supposed to tell anyone).  When my daughters and I started, he said, "I'm not drinking that juice!".  We decided he was referring to Spark.  Well, I actually got Mr. Energy Drink Crasher (!!!) to give Spark a try and he likes it!  He sometimes leaves for work at an incredibly early hour.  One day last week he woke me up at 5:25 a.m. to ask if he could have his "shake".   This really caught me off guard because he doesn't start drinking his "breakfast" shakes until day 11 (and he was just on day 2).  I sleepily asked him what was he talking about and then after he described it to me, I realized he was talking about the fiber drink . . . which is not at all a shake!  He will be in heaven when he starts his vanilla breakfast shakes.

Besides using AdvoCare products, my whole family has been eating much healthier and drinking lots of water.  We even have some new favorite recipes - Salsa Chicken (boneless, skinless chicken breasts & a ar of salsa cooked in the crock pot!)  and Turkey/Zucchini Burgers just to name a few. Now that my "Challenge" is done, I will continue using the MNS Max 3 vitamins/minerals, Spark, and Catalyst to keep feeling great.

I know the Challenge isn't for everyone at this point in their lives, but I really can't say enough good things about the  products I've tried and the results I've experienced and have seen in others.  Whether you are looking for more energy, wanting to lose those last few pounds, are involved with a sport or strenuous physical activity, or just want to feel better, there is a product that can help you achieve your goals and feel great!

If you've got questions or want to learn more about AdvoCare or any of their products, please send me a message at or visit  I'd love to share what I know with you.

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  1. You look awesome! I am so very proud of you!!!! KEEP IT UP!